Botox and Filler

Botox and Filler prices have increased all over the country, but our prices will remain the same up to 31 October 2010.



Tooth Bleach

Tooth bleach, oral bleaching trays plus a whole starter kit which lasts longer than 8 months will cost you only R1200.00!



NO co-payments on specialized dentistry (or any other dentistry).

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

  • Oral health issues must be dealt with prior to cosmetic treatment.
  • Tooth colour can often be restored by bleaching. Amalgam or gold fillings can be replaced by tooth-coloured composite restorations.
  • Cracks in your teeth can be easily repared by composite fillings or veneers.
  • Veneers or overlays can produce a complete new appearance to your front teeth resulting in a bright new smile. This procedure can be done in one sitting in the dentist chair with the help of CEREC 3D technology. The tooth is prepared by taking off a thin layer of the surface of the tooth, a digital photograph is taken with a blue phase camera and subsequently this photo is converted into a 3D virtual model. This model is sent to the in lab milling machine which cuts a perfect veneer from a ceramic block. This veneer is baked in a small oven at 850° for hardening after it has been colour coded to your excisting teeth. This veneer is cemented onto the prepared tooth and after about 75 minutes you leave our practice with a veneer in one sitting.
  • Crowns are placed in one appointment in our practice using the awesome CEREC 3D tecnology. Crowns are used if a tooth is so decayed or damaged that a filling will not restore the strengh of the tooth.
  • Implants are done prior to placing a crown for missing teeth, if enough bone tissue is available in the jaw. If extraction of a tooth is inevitable, we do a bone implant into the cavity immediately and after a 6 months place a Bicon implant once solid bone has formed in the cavity of the extraction. After further 3 months a CEREC crown will be placed. A special Aseptico drill has been imported from America to do implants. The bur can be set to rotate at only 15 revolutions per minute to drill the hole for the implant. The reason for this is to do as little damage as possible to the surrounding bone to facilitate solid union between the implant and the bone.
  • Bridges can fill a gap in circumstances were implants are not possible due to too little available bone in the jaw. A bridge is supported by the two teeth adjacent to the gap. These teeth are crowned with a pontic (false tooth) attached to these crowns. Smaller bridges we can cut in the chair with the help of CEREC and our in lab milling machine. For larger bridges a model of your teeth is made and sent to Secunda Dental Lab where they make the final bridge in about 10 days. During this time a temporary bridge is placed to protect the preparation and fill the gaps. This procedure requires at least two visits to the dentist. A bridge is not only of aethetic importance, but it also prevents the teeth adjacent to the gap to drift out of position.
  • Alignment and spacing: Teeth that are crooked, overlapping or have gaps between them can sometimes be restored by veneers. This we can do in one sitting in the dentist chair. If this is not possible, we will refer you to a specialist Orthodontist.
  • Gums: The correct term for bone and gums surrounding the teeth is periodontal tissue. When you have bleeding, red gums this is called gingivitis.  The treatment is very simple, you can prevent this condition by visiting your dentist every 6 months and having your teeth proffesionally cleaned on a regular basis. Oral hygiene instructions consisting of proper brushing techniques, flossing and how to use an oral rinse will also be given.  However, sometimes this disease isn’t treated in the early stages or you have a genetic predisposition or bad habits eg. smoking. This may lead to the condition spreading to the bone surrounding your teeth and consequently the bone starts to degenerate, your teeth become loose and may appear longer due to the gums pulling away from the teeth.  If not drastically treated the teeth can become so loose that you may lose them eventually.  To treat this condition, called periodontal disease drastic cleaning procedures have to be done over a number of appointments which may include laser treatment with our Sirolaser technology, root planing and antibiotic treatment. Periodontal disease isn’t only a major intraoral problem,it can poison your body and accelerate conditions eg. heart attacks.
  • Dentures that are well designed and well fitting can vastly improve your appearance and function. Dentures are made for patients who have only a few or no teeth of their own left. A model is cast of your missing teeth during your first visit to the dentist and sent to Secunda  Dental Lab to make a wax setup of what the teeth will feel and look like. On the second visit the teeth in wax are fitted to determine proper function and whethter the patient is happy with the aesthetics. If the wax try-in is not perfect according to the dentist or the patient, the lab technicians will alter the teeth and another try-in appointment is made. However, if everything is satisfactory to the dentist and patient, the wax will be replaced by acrylic by the lab technicians and a final appointment is made. Subsequent visits are normally neccesary to make sure these dentures fit perfectly. Partial dentures to accommodate only the upper or lower jaw is also possible. These partial dentures can be made of acrylic or chrome cobalt.
  • Fuller lips and deep nasolabial folds in the aging patient can be restored with Filler and Botox.
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