Botox and Filler

Botox and Filler prices have increased all over the country, but our prices will remain the same up to 31 October 2010.



Tooth Bleach

Tooth bleach, oral bleaching trays plus a whole starter kit which lasts longer than 8 months will cost you only R1200.00!



NO co-payments on specialized dentistry (or any other dentistry).

Your Smile is important

Your smile may be more important than you might think. Your smile can be a confidence builder or your downfall. Your smile may determine whether you are given a second glance or even a job!

When you last posed for a photograph, did you flash your smile or did you try to hide your teeth? If you try to hide your teeth you will be glad to know that you can benefit from a wide vatiety of cosmetic dental procedures to enhance your smile and your self esteem.

You don’t have to settle for teeth that are stained, chipped, crooked, worn down, have spaces between them or even absent teeth.

Look in a mirror and try to figure out what bothers you about your smile.

  • Are your teeth stained, dark or dull?
  • Do you have any irregular large spaces between your teeth?
  • Are there any chips disfiguring your teeth?
  • Are your teeth crooked or out of line?
  • Are your gums inflamed, irregular being too low or receded?
  • Are your teeth too small or too large or do they slant to one side?
  • Are the biting edges of your teeth worn down?
  • Are any ugly previous fillings showing?
  • Do any previously crowned teeth not match your natural teeth?
  • Is the midline of your two front teeth centered with your face?

If your answer is yes to one or more of the above question, you can be helped by cosmetic dentistry.
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