Botox and Filler

Botox and Filler prices have increased all over the country, but our prices will remain the same up to 31 October 2010.



Tooth Bleach

Tooth bleach, oral bleaching trays plus a whole starter kit which lasts longer than 8 months will cost you only R1200.00!



NO co-payments on specialized dentistry (or any other dentistry).

Theatre Treatment


Children are often very afraid to visit the dentist and it can be a very traumatic experience for them. This can be due to the following reasons:

  • An injection is needed
  • A tooth has to be extracted
  • They have to sit still for a long period of time to have fillings or a procedure done
  • To rule out uncomfortable situations and to ensure that the child will not be traumatised in future years, we do the above procedures in theatre under general anaesthesia for children under the age of 7. The child is asleep during the procedure and work can be done quickly and effectively, and going to the dentist in future will not be associated with a traumatising experience.


  • From the age of 17, wisdom teeth may start bothering young adults, causing pain or discomfort because there is not sufficient space for them to fully erupt in the mouth. A panoramic x-ray is then taken to determine the severity and inclination of these impacted wisdom teeth. In some cases, the teeth are sufficiently erupted in the mouth and can be extracted in the chair without any complications. However, sometimes the teeth are severely impacted in the jawbone and surgical removal of the teeth is indicated. The patient is taken to theatre and the teeth are removed under general anaesthesia. Swelling and discomfort may occur after surgery, depending on how difficult the teeth were to remove.
  • Sometimes, teeth are severely decayed and cannot be restored. In such cases all the teeth need to be extracted. If 10 or more teeth need to be removed, it is preferable to do the procedure in theatre. In most cases the teeth are replaced with an immediate set of dentures.
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